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	Víctor de Cambra Antón. 
	Mª Paz Molina Rubio. 
	Ana Mª Álvarez Soriano. 
	Alfonso Clemente Muñoz de Luna. 
	Gabriel Onrubia Pardo. 
	Esther Rodríguez Ruiz de Viana.
	Ana Isabel Colmenarejo Jover.

    We are a generalist firm that offers a range of legal and financial services to any kind of clients, both physical persons and corporations, but with a particular specialization in foreign investments services in Spain and outward Spanish international investmests; for this reason, we have a wide net of collaborating firms in Europe, America and Asia.

    At this moment, we have an office in Madrid and another in Vigo. Our staff is composed of attorneys and economists that have a high formation in most areas of Law with the final objective of giving an integral service to clients.

    The firm was created in 1995 by Mr. Víctor de Cambra Antón. In 1997 our firm associated with the firms of Juan Ignacio Sardá in Barcelona and Enrique Calomarde Firm in Valencia.

    In 2003,  we decided to give up the association with Barcelona and Valencia firms; and to begin a new process of growth with the necessary independence and the advantage of having our own strategy.

    In august, 2005, our firm abandoned its original premises at Jorge Juan street of Madrid, and moved to a new office at Marqués de la Ensenada street.